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Silverstar Marine provides ship repair services within Western Australian and abroad for vessels up to 100m+ utilising internal and subcontract resources.

  • Hull cleaning

  • Blasting and painting

  • Structural steel work

  • Pipe fitting and valves repairs/replacements

  • Hull valve surveys

  • Pressure relief valve surveys

  • Drive line services and surveys

  • Deck equipment service

  • Electrical repairs and surveys

For dry dockings in Western Australia, Silverstar Marine has access to the Australian Maritime Complex (AMC) Common User Facility (CUF) to provide a turnkey solution for planned and emergency dockings. The floating dock at AMC CUF has the following capacity:

  • Length overall: 102.3m

  • Width inside sidewalls : 44.0m

  • Max allowance vessel draft: 9.2m

  • Lifting Capacity: 12,000 tones

For further details refer to the following, AMC CUF Floating Dock.

In addition to AMC CUF Silverstar Marine has access to other shipyard facilities in Western Australia.

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