Silverstar Marine

About Us

With extensive experience in the marine industry, Silverstar Marine specialises in providing Technical Advice, Project Management and Operational Management to shipbuilders, designers and owners of maritime vessels.  The company works with both domestic and international clients, across a broad range of markets, and utilises its vast knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results, on time and on budget.

Silverstar Marine is your choice in partner due to our strong core values.  At Silverstar Marine we pride ourselves in providing honest and valuable advice to all our clients.


Our purpose is to provide products and services to the maritime market with greater efficiency and therefore sustainability, than our competitors, enabling our clients to be profitable leaders in their specific field.


Our driving values are:

  • Passion– We love what we do;

  • Commitment – We are committed to delivering on our promises in a professional, efficient and honest manner no matter how hard it may seem; and
  • Knowledge – We have the skills and expertise to deliver on our commitment, and also the knowledge to know when to utilise specific experts from external sources.


Silverstar Marine covers a range of vessel types within the shipbuilding and ship maintenance fields including:

  • Superyachts:
  • Commercial Vessels:
    • Passenger and Vehicle Ferries;
    • Naval/Patrol Vessels;
    • Crew Transfer Vessels;
    • Platform Supply Vessels;
    • Pilot Boats;
    • Tug Boats;
    • Barges; and
    • Transhippers.