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With its vast knowledge and experience, Silverstar Marine bridges the gap between the client and shipyard.  We understand what questions need to be asked to ensure the most effective vessel is contracted and any issues affecting the long-term operational efficiency of the vessel are addressed.

Prior to entering a new build contract Silverstar Marine assists owners and operators with:

  • Development of General Arrangement and Specification with your preferred Designer

  • Development of tender documentation

  • Audit of shortlisted shipyards

  • Selection of a suitable shipyard that will deliver the expected quality

  • Review of final Contract, Technical Specification and General Arrangement

  • Contract Negotiation to ensure the best value for money is obtained

With extensive project management and contracting skills and a strong network of suppliers and service providers, Silverstar Marine can manage your maintenance activity to ensure your vessel returns to service in the shortest possible time and within budget.


Once a shipbuilding contract has been executed, we become the ‘eyes and ears’ for our clients, ensuring their interests are taken care of during the construction of their vessel. With specialised shipbuilding and Client Representation experience, Silverstar Marine works with owners and operators to ensure the vessel is delivered to the expected performance and quality.

These services include the following:

  • Construction drawing reviews

  • Ongoing on-site representation

  • On-site Representation for resolution of issues

  • Review of variations

  • Attendance at surveys

  • Verification of vessel construction to specification

  • Sea trials; and

  • Technical Acceptance and Handover


The benefits of engaging Silverstar Marine to oversee your new vessel construction are you obtain a shipbuilding specialist who understands the design, build and delivery process and can intervene at appropriate times to ensure the vessel’s construction stays in line with the expectations.

Once our clients take possession of their vessel our services do not stop there. Throughout the life of the vessel Silverstar Marine provides ongoing technical advice and support. For major maintenance activities, Silverstar Marine provides the following services:

  • Development of Scope of Works

  • Tendering specific work packages

  • Selection and negotiations with preferred Tender

  • On-Site Management of Contractors

  • Verification of Scope of Works

  • Commissioning and Sea Trials Verification

  • Handover of vessel back to the operators

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