Silverstar Marine


With its vast knowledge and experience, Silverstar Marine bridges the gap between the client and shipyard.  We understand the levels of communication required, to ensure the most effective vessel is contracted and any issues affecting the long term operational efficiency of the vessel are addressed.

The services  we provided to assist owners or operators considering investing in a new vessel include:

  • Development of General Arrangement and Specification with your preferred Designer;
  • Development of tender documentation;
  • Audit of shortlisted shipyards;
  • Selection of a suitable shipyard that will deliver the expected quality;
  • Review of final Contract, Technical Specification and General Arrangement; and
  • Contract Negotiation to ensure the best value for money is obtained.

The benefits of utilising Silverstar Marine are that you gain access to specialist personnel who have obtained an in-depth knowledge of shipbuilding contracts and delivering successful projects.


Other Commercial Vessels Services

Other Commercial Vessels services include:

  • Construction – New Build and Refit Project Management Services; and
  • Management – Technical and Maintenance Support.

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