Silverstar Marine


Our Commercial Vessels In Service Support services include:

  • Technical Support; and
  • Maintenance Support.


Technical Support

With extensive knowledge in the design, construction and servicing of maritime vessels, Silverstar Marine can assist with the investigation and resolution of any ongoing technical issues which may arise during the life of a vessel.

Silverstar Marine may also assist specifically with:

  • Design modifications;
  • Classification or Flag State issues; and
  • Product premature failures.


Maintenance Support

To assist owners and operators with the management of their vessels, Silverstar Marine provides the following Maintenance Support services:

  • Set-up of short or long term Maintenance Contracts with suppliers and contractors to suit the operational requirements of the vessel;
  • Management of Maintenance Contracts;
  • Management of ongoing vessel Scheduled Maintenance activities; and
  • Management of Unscheduled Maintenance activities.

With extensive experience contracting suppliers and service providers, Silverstar Marine has a strong network of businesses who each perform a variety of tasks under numerous contracting frameworks.  These relationships enable Silverstar Marine to customise the most efficient and effective contract required for any given project.


 Other Commercial Vessels Services

Other Commercial Vessels services include:

  • Sales -Technical support for clients planning to build new vessels; and
  • Construction – New Build and Refit Project Management Services.

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